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How to Make Sure Your T65 Medicare-Eligible Leads Comply with CMS

You're most likely aware of the growth opportunities available to your agency by way of Medicare seniors. However, certain rules have been in place since 2008 that need to be followed so you're not breaking federal law when it comes to obtaining a steady flow of high intent Medicare supplement leads that stand the best chances of transforming into paid policy holders.

Medicare Lead Generation Restrictions

Per MIPPA (Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act) passed in the summer of 2008, strict restrictions are in effect pertaining to how insurance agents and carriers can outreach Medicare-eligible prospects. Unsolicited calls are the focus of many of these rules when it comes to what you can and cannot do when it comes to the acquisition of this type of supplemental health insurance leads. Mainly, do-not-call language that states that cold calling Medicare-eligible prospects is a no-no. It even goes as far as not being able to call past clients or "referrals".

Medicare Leads that Comply with CMS

The silver lining, however, with CMS is that they don't place third-party leads, such as those you can obtain here, in the same light as "referrals". Thusly, calls can be returned if a referral initiates the contact with you-however insurance agents cannot call first.

When you follow up with Medicare leads from a lead generation service, you need to make sure to inquire if these leads have requested contact from insurance agents or if prospects were told up front that contact would occur. As long as your prospects are aware that they are requesting agent follow ups, your calls do not fall under the unsolicited category.

In regards to these regulatory marketing guidelines and restrictions pertaining to Medicare elgible prospects, it's of paramount importance that your lead generation service is in compliance with these restrictions. You can be 100% confident that YOUR BRAND HERE T65 Medicare Leads are fully compliant to this effect.

On the outside looking in it may look like all of these rules put in place by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services back in 2008 are nothing more than red tapes meant to make our ability to earn a living servicing client needs infinitely harder. However, let's face facts; there are situations where guildelines are required to protect our aging population. The fact that many agents are staying out of the Medicare market due to regulatory breach concerns, along with YOUR BRAND HERE strict compliance with these guidelines, makes this market a potentially lucrative one for your business.

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